Thursday, March 31, 2016

Instant App imitates the workflow of a real Polaroid Camera

photo © patrice dougé All rights reserved

I once owned a Polaroid OneStep SX-70 which I had purchase on line in the early 2000'. Instant film were still available and it was quite enjoyable to see immediately what I had just photographed on paper. I took it with me wherever I went, always handy inside my backpack to take photos of stuff I found to be interesting - I mostly used it for still photography (not professionally) and  took snapshots of places to keep a record like a personal diary made of polaroids. Using the Instant app, for both apple and android only cost $4.99, and is close to using a real polaroid camera. Depending on the event, at times I am not up to taking an SLR with me, just a few snapshot for my archive - Last June 2015, the Annual Pride Parade route happened to to be on west 8th street and Avenue of the Americas, right in front of a health food store I worked for a few months. With the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage throughout the US, I took a few shots for my records using the Instant polaroid app.