Monday, April 18, 2016

At 4,825 feet above sea level, Furcy is unforgettable...

photo © patrice dougé All rights reserved
It took me a few days to  select the  photograph above for this post, the other images I shot to illustrate the story, Le restaurant dans les arbres, were priority and had to be filed the following day. I had to go back to that particular image several times, so I could edit and designed it a way that reflected the unexpected exchange with nature that forced me to wait around at this particular spot—which untainted energy  triggered a tremendous feeling of well being. All five of us, the Gouter Aux Voyages crew, were following down a narrow steep path, Bob Siffal, a native of the region, assigned to take us to 3 different locations around Furcy.  The cascade we were headed to was the last place  scheduled to explore. I could hear the cascade falling as we were getting closer, but I instinctively sensed what I needed to capture wasn't there—so I quit hiking and stayed behind. At 1,600 feet in altitude, in a special place like Haiti, up in the mountains of Furcy, the  energy switch once you get there  is quite remarkable. From where I was standing,  right below, about 15 feet down the slope, there is a very narrow trail that also leads to the water fall. The two boys carrying empty gallons, on their way to fetch water, emerged from a nearby hill half hour later and walked right inside the frame.