Saturday, March 5, 2016

Post card from the L'Artibonite,Haiti - Savane Désolé

photo © patrice dougé All rights reserved
"Our job as a photographer is to make an interesting image of whatever we decide to immortalize. There is no such thing as a boring subject, just boring ways of photographing it. An interesting subject also demands an interesting or unique view point." Nevada Wier - I had spend the whole day in Gonaives a while back shooting an assignment for a non profit that provides free meals to the needy. Certain assignments we reluctantly accept because it feels our subject privacy is being violated. To be desperate and dependent upon relief food to survive and have a stranger shooting pictures must not be very pleasant. It was getting late and we hit the road as soon as I was done. About a mile outside of the city, the sun came out for just a few seconds and I only shot 3 frames since the car was moving.The photograph above is one of them.